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Having said that 'Sharing is Caring..' (so lets share). Do we really understand this quote, at the first place..? Well it depends on what are we shared about. If we just sharing mp3 musics, or maybe some cracked softwares, can we say that we care (by sharing those)..? We understand all those mp3s or the softwares that belongs to their copyrights owner are not supposed to be copy and distributes illegally. So it is not good to say that we care to share..!! *Warning - Sharing copyrighted files are illegal.* I'd come to this topic of generating income with blogging when I read some of friends blogs who keen in their efforts to increase higher traffic. Indeed higher traffic increase the possibility in generates more revenue.
Ok I don't wanna talk much about money, coz I'm not good to talk bout it.. if you do, just search for some money talks in the other website, forex, currency exchange or anything similar perhaps. I'm interested to share some info about blogging and the contents we share maybe, that can generates not just traffic, but revenue as well. Lets me share some of my exposures in term of sharing in the internet worlds especially blogging activities a.k.a 'blogosphere' (am i correct to use this term ☺).

There are many types of sharing contents in the internet activities.. if I can list down some, it will be like:
  • news, such as yahoo news, cnn, aljazeera, bla bla bla..
  • audio & video (legal), such as youtube, vimeo, etc.
  • personal files & data, images - flickr, tumblr, social medias, google doc, scribd, etc.
  • personal story, infos, activites, like common blog contents, etc. (this is what I'm interested to discuss)
And many more that you might think.. I've come to some blog of friends and read about their efforts to get good traffics for their site, i mean their blog. Frankly speaking, I'm impress how well they do with their blogs to rising up their ranking, either in Search Engine ranking using SEO, Google Page Rank (PR), Alexa rank, etc. Congrats to them.. but at the same time they post a topic and mentioned that they still not qualified for some of top advertising providers, such as adsense, chitika and in South East Asia, the innity ads network. Of course these top advertising networks need certain requirements on our part as a site / blog owner to be qualified as a publisher, to generate income.. or google said monetize.

Please bear in mind, I'm not saying that I'm good.. I'm not trying to show how or to compare or what ever.. This mindloading blog of mine is not good in traffic ranking, in fact not popular at all.. but as I said previously (I've forgot which post), this mindloading is my 2nd site (blog), created for my very personal info sharing for my own self (and for you, if it benefits you). My 1st site (like I said previously, sorry I cannot reveal it here) have quite a good traffic, even though my page rank was dropped back recently from PR3 to PR2, but unique visitors (in my 1st site) slowly increased.. and the page views increased as well.. which is good in next month revenue, i hope ;) Thank God, I got monthly payout for those ads.

Ok back to the main topic, I wanna talk about 'sharing' that really works to generate traffics genuinely without depends too much on SEO, installing so many Meta Tags, Alexa Tools, blogwalking (I feel this blogwalking is kinda stupid way - sorry), or anythings that bother us to rising up our blog in the ocean of internet-working.

We must understand, first things first, Quality Contents is prior to be maintain before we do the next, or if we want to go for SEO, bla bla bla.. well I don't really into it in my 1st site anyway.. the traffic comes by the contents, users / visitors comes to my 1st. site (not this one) by keywords they search. Remember all the ranking systems will follow when we do create good contents for the people. They are hunger for our contents, we give what they wants then they will come back. We will get bonus when they link to us and they recommend to others. This will be good enough, is it..? Remember 'Contents Is The King'.. read my previous post We're not building a website for Google, but for people who needs our contents. So these gonna be the genuine way of blogging, and I would like to share with you the secret - on how we can keep sharing infos (blog contents) and lets the blog runs like it was running by auto pilot.. does it sounds good..?



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