Tips On Creating Good Contents & Applying Adsense

Enjoy your blogging activities like playing lego blocks, all the lego blocks are similar, but your ideas and creativity make the difference.

Tips to get approved by GA always being searched and asked by bloggers looking for their blog's revenue. The main point here is the contents and we will discuss the basic on creating better contents and how it play a big role in creating a good sites and blogs.

Because Content Is the Core of Anything

1. Set the Topic

  • Google prefers website that have niche, themed and related to a specific topic.
  • Logically a niche topic of a website or blog would be easier for the site / blog to be categorized on AdWords and this is useful for advertisers to see your site on the potential list.
  • Probably you will get better CPC compared to mixed type of blog niche.
  • If you would like to post random topic, try to make it still relative.

2. The Topic You Choose

  • What kind of topic? Think..
  • It's something that being your expertise and things that you always like to talk about.
  • Every person who lived in this world has their own tendency and specific expertise.
  • Even a common things, or similar to others, try to make it unique.

Quality and informative contents 'Sells by Itself'

3. Create Good Contents

  • Good Contents which are useful and benefits for people looking for it.
  • Make sure it contains enough text, because internet is about data being searched by words.
  • Contents creation should be easy to understand, comes with few images to support the content's info.
  • Creating good and informative contents regularly, remember Quality Content is the key to attract visitors because quality and informative contents 'Sells by Itself'.
  • You don't have to do extra works to promoting your site or blog's contents, it will be shared and promoted by the readers themselves when they like it.
  • Always bear in mind, your contents created must be original, no copyrighted contents and images.
  • Using and editing others content such as adding extra points and represents it in your own way and your own images to upgrade the value of the info is a good practice in refreshing a topic.

Present it Nicely

  • The contents created should be easy to read, looks attractive, clean and nicely arranged - use paragraph, numbered list or bullet list where it should be.
  • Start with simple introduction, highlight certain topics and subtopics accordingly and end with conclusion or try attract your visitors to engage with comments.
  • Do not make very long paragraph, your site / blog may looks like it's flooded with texts and worst thing is no one interested at all.
  • Try to make some Series of Contents such as, Part 1 and keep Part 2, Part 3, etc. for next coming posts to keep your readers coming back in the future and to ensure you got followers.
  • Keep on posting good contents regularly, share it on social medias, related forums and let it grow bigger & stronger.. then you're ready for applying Adsense.
keep on sharing..

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