Google Ads - Avoiding Mistakes

First of all, I really wanted to say that.. "I luv Google AdSense very much.!!" ☺
Ok, asked your self.. What Google really wants..?
We should asked ourself, in the perspective of user / visitor to the site that we developed.. what is the main purpose of the site..? We're not building a website for Google, but for people who needs our contents. Google wants quality content too. Every visitor loves quality contents.. from publishers or advertisers. You can’t earn a lot from AdSense if you have a content full of typos, broken links, and with low or no value at all. You can’t also have a good CPC (cost-per-click) while advertising with AdWords if your landing page is ugly.

Top 15 Mistakes:
  1. Building a website that specifically targets search spiders, with nothing unique to offer human visitors.
  2. Building a website just to make money from AdSense.
  3. Providing targeted content that will help Google advertisers to capitalize your traffic.
  4. Building a website specifically to target High-Value keywords without planing on developing quality content!.
  5. Thinking making money with AdSense is very easy or very hard. Most of beginners thinks that if he develop a website / blog with AdSense ads, everyone will come to click!.
  6. Clicking on your own ads or telling others to click.
  7. Choosing a bad template.
  8. Not using AdSense channels.
  9. Not reading Google AdSense TOS.
  10. Putting AdSense on pages that does not have enough content.
  11. Creating multiple AdSense accounts.
  12. Revealing your AdSense data(CTR, Impressions, eCPM …etc).
  13. Putting images next to your AdSense ads
  14. Playing around the AdSense code.
  15. Choosing the wrong niche that has a low CPC.
  16. eXtra: siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan AdSense hanya boleh pada website english jer..? ni aku sendri yg tambah petua dia - pastikan ckp omputih lebih 50% dari ckp nogori.. hakhakhak..
Finally, try to avoid anything that may hurt your earnings. To earn a lot per month, you need to be patient. Bottomline - Contents first..!! because content is the key to develop a good site / blog.. then traffic will comes to follow..

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