Talking Is Sharing, But Listening Is Caring

I was thinking in some opinions about 'Sharing is Caring' terms.. peoples are always agree with this quote.. but when I think it back.. Is Sharing Really Caring..? Yes I do sharing some of my works in another blog of mine (sorry I can't mention it in here, pls consider me as anonymous ;p ..its a different category of blog anyway).. Most of the traffic there (users in the blog) always agree with the term 'sharing is caring' because they got what they're looking for.. but in 1000 users ratio average (in the blog), only 10 are really 'caring' to share and appreciates of what we give. So its about 1% of us who really cares.. 1% are just like nothing. 99% request for sharing, only 1% 'give back' in return as contributions, donations.. Nevermind.. we share of what we wanted to without hoping to get anything back in return.. even a single word - 'Thanks'.. just sincerely share with others.

Anyway what I want to share for today is another topic about Sharing & Caring.. as you can see in the title post. This topic came when I'm searching for a vice versa term of sharing is caring, I'm searching for this keywords - 'I Believe in Sharing, But Doubt in Caring'.. end up I stuck at a site with a very good topic of Talking Is Sharing, Listening Is Caring.. so forget about everything else, kindly read this beautiful story of The Power of Listening.. by Dr. Alan Zimmerman

enjoy reading (hope u got something) --- ↓
Some time ago a workshop participant said to me, "You probably don't recall the lunch we had fifteen years ago, but you asked me if I was happy with my career, if I was doing what I really wanted to do. Your comments got me thinking in a way that changed my life."
Those words made my day. Imagine, I had said something fifteen years ago that made a difference. Someone listened to me. He really listened.
Once again, I was reminded that there is no finer compliment than have someone listen to us. And listening to others is one of the best things we can do for others.
Listening communicates importance and respect. When you attend to another person, you are saying, "I am listening to you and only you right now. You are getting all of me. No distractions. No mind wandering. No looking at the papers on my desk. No peeking at the TV over your shoulder. You're getting all of my attention because you're important to me."
Unfortunately, poor listening is extremely common.. read the rest (from the original source)

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