Mind Programming - Repetition

Change the fish in the sea to flying bird in the sky

You come finally to believe anything you tell yourself often enough - even if it is not true.
If you repeat something over and over to yourself, your Subconscious Mind will eventually begin to accept it as fact. When something has been accepted as truth by your subconscious mind, it will work overtime to 'transform the idea into physical reality'. You can take advantage of this by programming your mind to think positive thoughts. Use self-motivators or affirmations to persuade your subconscious that you are capable of doing anything you wish. Repeat the self-motivator several times a day until it becomes an automatic reaction to recall a positive phrase whenever you begin to doubt yourself. Replace “I can’t” with “I will!”
(Napoleon Hill Foundation)


  • Repeat it several times a day,
  • Repeat it whenever we begin to sleep at night & every times we just awake from sleep (Delta condition)
  • Repeat it everyday.


  • Never say Negative elements, ie. - 'cannot', 'can't', 'if I', 'I think' 'I guess', 'No' - these are NOT sure, Not affirm, Not confirm.
  • Always use Positive elements, ie. - 'can', 'I can', 'I will or I will have', 'I have', 'Yes' - these will affirm our mind to accept it as fact / true. (even though it's not really yet)

Why we Never use Negative words..? Because we will instruct our own Mind to reject. For example, it's Monday, you gonna start your usual Monday blues with feeling lazy to off your bed. You trying to 'suggest' your Mind to love that Monday while prepare yourself to work as usual.

You say;

"I Don't hate Monday". "I Don't hate Monday". "I Don't hate Monday". repeatedly..
Psychologically your Mind rejects that suggestion. You actually failed to 'unhate' Monday, even though you keep doing it every (Monday) morning.

Prepare to know how to tricks our Mind to accept suggestion for Positive attitudes. A good start is always say Positive words and trying your best to STOP Negative words (God bless you).. Keep saying 'I can..', or 'I will..', or 'I love..', or 'I like..' and these will tricks our Mind to accept the good attitudes from Hate to Like.

Feel & Make Believe

Say it with feelings, 'I can..' or 'I have..' (even thou Not in reality), just say it with feeling and keep it repeatedly, the more we do the better for our Mind to accept it as believe, and our body system will act according to our Mind believed. Sooner or later it will become our attitude, the good one.. then you will really feel Monday is great..!!

That just an example one of a friend's experience. Well lets try to other things, money perhaps ;) "I have $1million in my banks". Could you tricks your minds with that..? Ok how about "I have 5 bank accounts, with $200 thousand in each of them". feel better..? believe it..!!

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