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Ever heard someone selling their website / blog..? Perhaps we might think that successfully selling a website or a blog is a cool thing. Indeed.. it's a kind of proof that the interest for a website or a blog which belong to someone was interested by others to own it. It's just a matter of "Are you wanna sell it..?" If the question been asked to you, what the first thing come up in your mind..?

"Oh yes, my site (blog) is popular enough, have a very good traffic, sticky loyal visitors, increasing unique visitors weekly or monthly..!! what else..? Oh, most of the contents in my blog were referred and links to many sites and blogs, social media, been tweeting around by others, everyday.. this is good.. and worth to mention, my blog generates good passive incomes.. that's why someone (or maybe a few parties) try to offering me..!! Now I'm thinkin' some big figure in my mind.." Hahaha..!! Unfortunately, that was just an imagination The real question here is.. "Are our site or blog is worth to be sell..?"

Actually, why not.. with this Flip My Sites a free website, a marketplace to advertise your website or blog, simply submit your site / blog, insert into category, give your budget price, and let see your luck.. and the best thing is, is not just sites, infact you can sell your (unused) domains too and they promise, No Success Fees! You get sale, 100% is yours.. that's what I understand..

Who is FlipMySites for?

  1. If you have sites you want to sell, or domain names that you want to sell too.
  2. If you are looking for a site or blog that you intended to take over.. that is a good place for you to find some ready made, infact with ready traffic (or prospects) that might attract your interest.
  3. Either way, might give you some ideas perhaps.. on what kind of sites are they selling, or how you could give directions the way you blogs.. i mean your target niche in growing your virtual assets.

this is not an affiliates or sort of that I bring up here, not pay for blog kind of things, just an another good sharing info for our knowledge..
image are the property of their respective owner..

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