God Will Guide For Those Who Seek (Joshua Evans)

In the name of God.. The Hidden Truth about religion for those who seek for the true path. The true story revealed by God about Adam, Lot, Noah, David, Solomon, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus.. peace be upon them all.. Read how this brother seeks and finally find the right path..

Introduction [00:00]
Me before Islam [01:10]
- Me as a christian
- My family was extremely conservative
Sunday school [03:00]
Me at the youth services [05:00]
Me reading the bible [11:00]
The bible claims Noah was an alcoholics [12:41]
The bible claims that Lut's daughters seduced him [14:56]
The bible claims that David is an Adulterer, and Murderer [16:35]
Me reading the new Testament [23:59]
- The bible is full of Monotheism
- An implicit statement can not override an explicit statement
Why the crucifixion? [27:28]
A Christian Professor from Bob Jones University shock my faith [31:34]
Me looking at other religions [35:44]
Me getting into a Car Accident [38:10]
Robbed on gun point? [41:18]
Me becoming an agnostic [44:13]
Me reading about Islam [45:22]
- Me meeting a Muslim
- Me going to mosque
Me in the mosque [51:27]
The Imam doing the Friday Sermon [52:29]
Friday sermon was about not despairing from the mercy of Allah [54:28]
The congregation standing up for prayer [56:00]
Me reading the Quran [58:00]
Me accepting Islam [1:02:27]
There are millions looking for the truth [1:03:02]
Islamic Finance & Islamic Real estate [1:04:21]
- Islam is the solution
Spread the cure! [1:09:54]
- Don't put a bucket on your candle
Conclusion [start time 1:17:02]

Spread the truth about the message of God.. before it was too late, before the time come..
The Seal of All The Prophets said: "Convey from me even if it is a single verse" - Muhammad (peace be upon him)

by Joshua Evans

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