Guided Mind (To Find The Answer)

Idris Tawfiq (Ex Priest)

"The Universe is so Perfectly Made and Everything is so Perfectly Matches Together.. that there must be God.. and only 1 God.." Scientist, Prof. Milan from Europe

When we see everything around us with our Great Mind of Thinking.. open our heart to realise that, God shows His existing with the creation of His creatures.. from His smallest creations - molecules, atoms, energy inside the atoms, electron that orbiting the nucleus, to His biggest & huge creations - planets, stars, every planets orbiting star, stars orbiting galaxy, expanding sky, the whole universe.. 'perfect distance between the sun and the earth' (not so hot not so cold), everything seems so perfect, matches and syncronised each other.

He really tells us that He is the one who creates and the one who controls everything, even the smoothness circulation of our bloods, every beat of our heart that continues to beat and thus formed a combination of a great machine and super computer in us, that can generates great minds to think and make a choice. He is the one who knows everything even deep inside our thoughts..


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