Anti Copy Paste, Anti Plagiarism

Anti Copy Paste, Anti Plagiarism
For those who hate plagiarism of blogs contents, here are some popular Online Plagiarism Checker to track your original contents if they're being copy paste by anywhere online. Some times there are good contents and allowed to be shared and spinning around from blog to blog, to social media as well.. but credit should be given as 'links back' to the origin.

So the reasons these tools might help in tracking and perhaps fighting plagiarism are..
  • protecting your precious contents that you sell via paid subscriptions, or
  • preventing your (very) hard to produce contents, such as tutorials, tips & tricks, etc, or
  • attracting visitors to come to your site, read only from your original contents, no shared allowed, or
  • it's for you to checked whether your contents you just about to publish is authentic or you're among the duplicators
  1. Plagiarism Checker

  2. Article Checker

  3. Dupli Checker

  4. Copyscape

  5. Copy Gator

  6. PlagSpotter

  7. Plagiarisma

  8. Plagium

So check your contents now. We at mindloading always like our contents being shared, you're free to copy our contents and images, but we appreciate if you links back to us

credit: all the image's logos shown above are the propriety of and from their own links.. excepts the first image is belong to us (but u still can use it freely).

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