Adsense Without Website

When your blog is not qualified for some reason to apply adsense, don't give up.. google provide their search engine (of course) to outsource other method that million users successfully applied for adsense. The keyword should be something about adsense without website.

There you will find some alternative ways you can follow, some contents sharing website (if you never knew it before), that you should pay attention with their concept. You only need to join them, register (as we register facebook). But the key of these website - the contents sharing website is more popular than social media. When we have registered with them, we can share our contents in it, (just like we share infos or notes in facebook).


The Contents Sharing Website that Support Ads Earning
- support adsense, ebay & amazon affiliate

Hubpages is among the most popular contents sharing site, I've been using it, quite easy to use, but you need to get familiar with the concept. I shared some tutorials on hubpages about how to draw charector or figure step by step but very simple one. And I got some good comments from other 'hubbers' (that is what hubpages' users was called). You can try it and share some contents, they provide standard post editor just like blog post editor. Make sure you make some good quality contents, regularly, then apply for adsense.
- upload documents, arts, templates, sample forms or agreements, financial models, flyers, quizs, tests, etc.

Docstock is another contents sharing site recommended by many online users. Seems they support much more content types and file formats. This is extra plus for those who don't have confidence to write a post perhaps. Just collect back any documents you have since your student age and prepare to share to the world via docstock. Kindly bear in mind that you should share what is save to be shared. Such as resume template, any forms template, info notes, etc. You can try them and look what users share in there, so you'll got your idea. Always remember, the more we share (post) the better to being accepted when applying adsense.
- if you prefer video, then this is a good start to apply adsense, and they came from the same father, indeed ☻


So the idea for you to apply Adsense Without Using Website is simply use Contents Sharing Websites as I mentioned in the first & second above. Sharing your contents prior to apply adsense. Make sure you:

  • Register with one of the above mentioned website - get familiar with them.
  • Share quality contents - the most useful contents for users.
  • Spread it out - send it to facebook, twitter, pinterest, any social media.
  • Make it active - post regularly and let other users comments your contents, either they 'Like' it, Favorite it, give your post some ☆.. and you will see your ranking arise.
  • Then you can start apply for adsense using the contents sharing site that you have joined.
  • Once you've been successfully approved by google adsense, you may insert your ads code and see it in the site.
  • Then you can start develop your own blog (if you never have one) or 'upgrade' your existing blog contents to the higher level, you've learned making quality contents using those sites (as mentioned above), so apply your knowledge to your own blog. Insert adsense in your own blog, keep blogging regularly with good contents, share it in social media and see your income slowly increase.. week by week or month by month.
  • Always be patience.. and find some more good info to be your next contents.
  • Last but not least - Take Action.. if you seriously wanna apply for adsense successfully this time.

What kind of contents..?

  • Any Documents you made and you would like to share it (original - do not copy from others),
  • Presentation works that you made for your company (tweak it for online sharing purpose),
  • Tutorials or 'How To' articles - must be your own copyright,
  • Your Review or thought on something that you like,
  • Some good infos or joke perhaps, anything that you think deserves to be read.
  • Videos just perfect for youtube.

Now you can start prepare or find back your old notes, presentations, or any quality infos that you keep in your pc. Review them back to be ready to share it online. That is your Contents.
And enjoy to earn revenue with your blog..

Here is an infographic mentioning some website that supports adsense


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