What Do You Love? (Google)

'What Do You Love' is another Search Engine, from Google that targeted your searched keywords but this is only for Google products. Its will only search and display the result from Google's -

  • Documents
  • Image Search
  • G+ (Google Plus)
  • Gmail
  • News
  • Forum
  • Books
  • Maps
  • Blogger
  • SketchUp
  • Calendar
  • Chrome
  • YouTube
  • Mobile
  • ...
and any Google products that contains the Search Results related to your keywords. Its will show the results in graphical box grid rendered in 3 columns.

What Do You Love Search Result for 'cmyk color'
As seen above, the result of 'cmyk color' as the keyword used shown from what other users has submit to Googles' product. You can see on every box, an icon labels at the left, showing the results are from which products.. give it a try - www.wdyl.com

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