The Dangerous of Energy Drinks - Red Bull

Before you buy energy drinks like Red Bull, read the 10 Controversial Facts About Red Bull.

10.  Red Bull Cola was briefly banned in parts of Germany as it contained cocaine.

With 0.13 micrograms per can you'd have to drink 12,000 liters to get the drug's effect.
Germany bans (Redbull) Cola after drug test.

9.  Brooke Robertson lived on a Red Bull diet for 8 months, drinking 10 - 14 cans per day.

She lost 44kg in weight but got bowel cramps, anxiety & had a heart attack.
How young mother lost seven stone on the Red Bull-only diet - then suffered a heart attack.

8.  It would take 120 cansof Red Bull to die from lethal dose of caffeine.

A Korean student deported from Canada after drinking 7 cans & getting Red Bull rage.
Red Bull rage prompts Korean student's deportation.

7. At various time the drink was prohibited in France, Denmark, Norway, Uruguay & Iceland.

It currently sells in 166 countries with 5.3 billion solds per year.
History's Most Notorious Banned Beverages.

6.  Red Bull removed an ad in South Africa showing Jesus walking on water after Red Bull gave him wings.

Catholic figures called for a boycott to protest against the ad.
Red Bull drops Jesus advert after South African bishops complain.

5. Taurine a key Red Bull ingredient, is used extensively in cat food.

Without it can cause cats to lose their teeth, go blind and even have heart attacks.
The Dangers of Taurine, Commonly Found in Energy Drinks.

4.  Cory Terry allegedly dead from a heart attack 45 minutes after consuming Red Bull.

Relatives are suing for $85 million & claim the drink has harmful stimulants.
Brooklyn man killed by drinking Red Bull, $85 million lawsuit alleges.

3.  Vorayuth Yoovidhya, heir to an $8 billion Red Bull fortune, killed a police officer.

He slammed into him with a Ferrari, dragged the body down a street & went home.
Fears of a 'cover-up' over Red Bull heir accused of 'dragging policeman to his death after hitting him with Ferrari'.

2.  A 2008 study found drinking sugar-free Red Bull caused 'sticky' blood.

This increases the danger of blood clots & raises the chance of heart attack or stroke.
Red Bull Gives You Sticky Blood.  |  Red Bull Can Give You a Stroke.

1.  In 2013 blackmailers threatened to contaminade Red Bull with feces.

They planned to put poop-tainted drinks on shelves - it's unknown which stores were targets.
Red Bull Contamination Threat Revealed.

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