From Punk To Islam

Living his life as a Heavy Metal Punk musician in 1980's and evil like image as his principle of life to protest and argue the unfair life system and society, capitalism, the government. But in his heart he trying to find the true meaning of life, the purpose of life being created, a long the he search for the straight path.

Until he realize that he not agree with Christianity thought, the concept of trinity is not acceptable (God never need a son, wife, father). So he goes to Hinduism but failed cause they worship statue that made by man (brokenable of course). Approaching the teaching of Judaism and he found Judaism is actually racist, jews only accept jews and this is obviously contra with the concept of true religiousness. After he getting fed up with those 'ism, kism, ism, ism, ism'.. later he found a Muslim brother who introduce to him a flyer with the introduction of Islam. From there he trying find out more, read, until he made decision to accept Islam.

They just realized The Right Path.. they discovered the 'true meaning of life' and they follow the true direction towards the real destination.. guided by The Creator, Master of The Judgement Day. Allah, the Most Beneficent (Ar Rahman), the Most Merciful (Ar Rahiim).

May God guide all of us..

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