Valentine Day OR Valenti-No Day

Every year on the 14th February :
  • couples are busy prepare to buy gifts
  • man looking for red rose
  • booking or looking for romantic dinner
  • to finish their jobs earlier
  • damn jamm in town..!!!
  • facebook, twitter, blogs post wish

But what I want to pay attention here is comments from Muslims in facebook, twitter regarding the celebration of this Valentines Day. Since few years back there are lot of issues on newspapers, comments on social medias bout Valentines Day for Muslims. Well when the fatwa (authority) said it's prohibited in Islam, then it's should be understand and doesn't need more pathetic comments by Muslims theirselves. You just make some bad expectation about Islam rules.

Islam is a simple and affordable way of life with lot of beautiful things that we never particularly exposed or discussed in public especially to non Muslims. Therefore most non Muslims just thought Islam in some negative views. I believes most non Muslims don't even know how easy Muslims will being rewarded by God in their lives as long as they don't make any evil things. Such as we go to work will be rewarded, we talk good things will be rewarded, we eats, sleeps, wake up in the morning, taking bath, everything will be rewarded, as long as we don't mixed the good and the evil things.

Ok enough said.. here is a video explained about the Valentines Day celebration in Islamic perspective explained by Shaykh Abdur Raheem McCarthy and Ismail Bullock, an english people (I guess).. hope some of us may understand a little bit, the question - Why..

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