#Occupy ?

#Occupy Dataran seems they r picnicking.. lol
#Occupy has been current trending worldwide in the social media since the revolutions by the people of some countries that claimed freedom in every aspect of their lifestyle from the gov. As we can see what happen in Egypt, Libya caused the leaders dropped by the power of their peoples and changed the ruler. This phenomena, a kind of chain reactions from one country to another, as to show the objection by the majority of their peoples to protest the imbalanced power by the ruler (as they claimed), the law controller, the money holder (the rich over the poor) and urged them to give back what belongs to the people. With supported by the anonymous activities around the world who claims that they've break the information walls, reveals the hidden and spreading the news indirectly supporting the revolution movements.

And until today the most talk about that become trending in the social media especially twitter & facebook internationally (not local), is #OccupyWallStreet (#OWS) that really influence millions of people around the world. It started in the New York, US with the mission to break down the economic conqueror of the world economy controller the Wall Street. The reason, to break the monopoly of the rich and to pay attention to the poor & middle class, to protest the imbalance taxed over the poor & middle class compared to the rich, protest the unnecessary war programs that destroy their economy, etc. They come with the idea of successful revolutions movement in the middle east with #OWS to take down the economic evil based in Wall Street.

Occupiers arrested at NYC Citibank demos

Obviously the #occupy activities was spread out globally very fast, as we can see in the news what just happened in Rome demos. Anyway the objective is the same - Give Back What Belongs To The People..!! But here I just wanna share what happen in KL yesterday in the chain reaction of #OWS.. The #OccupyDataran.. but they (around 50 people) just claimed for public area.. lol.. They ended it peacefully after advised by the law enforcement anyway..

Bottomline; what happened in the Middle East or in the US are differ compared to our situation here.. it doesn't mean good or bad.. just careful what we wish for.. coz we don't wanna be like what still happen in Libya.. peace..

pls correct me if i got wrong info & sorry for my broken 'menglish' ☺

img credit: http://crankshafted.blogspot.com/2011/10/occupy-dataran.html

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