Recycle or Upcycle

Recycle is to reuse the used materials as another second grade items that can still be used by the user (us in this case). Recycle doesn't need to pay much attention of the used materials, simply convert it as whatever it suit for another purpose. Upcycle in the other hand, is something like value added process given to the used materials to be functioned a bit more different from it's origin purpose. The materials need more attention to be transformed to another innovative product.. yes creativity should be a good start.. use your right brain to load some ideas

Do we really Recycle..?

Yes we do.. unless you never reused 1 side printed A4 paper to write or sketch on the other side.. or atleast reused outdated newspaper for other purposes ;) I believed many of us commonly make use of bottles drink to fill with plain water and keep in fridge. So we do recycle.. but.. how much we practice..? (question for my self too..).

How about Upcycle..?

Do we ever upcycle materials..? Excluding something that we ever learnt in school. before. Upcycle (as I mention earlier in 1st paragraft), is kind of an activity or probably a hobby to create new things from recyclable materials. Normally the end products would be better in value than the existing condition. There're a lot sites that showcase this upcycle things over the internet.. search it. You will found many great ideas related to upcycling projects.


  • Simple mind, no heavy thinkin'.. just reuse
  • No cost need
  • Expand the life circle, of course
  • Downgraded
  • Less or no value at all


  • Creates new innovative product
  • Which have new functions & aesthetic
  • Valuable, might be better than the origin
  • Extend the life circle much longer
  • Better ideas needed to create better new product
  • Costly and time consumption to transform & innovate
Example of Upcycle project - Transformed the bottles by cutting it to shape to creates new beautiful designed glass vasts

Back to the topic - Recycle or Upcycle.. one thing for sure.. "they lengthen the lifespan of materials, still likely destined for a landfill, only delaying the problem.."

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