Hot Virgin's Stewardess on AirAsia

Virgin Group founder & chairman, Sir Richard Branson pay for losing bet with Dato' Tony Fernandes (founder of Tune Group) after his F1 team Virgin Racing, failed to beat Tony Fernandes' F1 Team Lotus in 2010. He's suppose to 'pay AirAsia' one day work as stewardess onboard the next year - 2011, but it takes him 2 years (to mentally prepared perhaps) and yesterday 12 May 2013 he pay for the lost betting being on AirAsia X flight KL to Perth.

I think this is the most 'beautiful' photo of Sir Richard Branson as Lady in Red, others are terrible fag ;)

Richard Branson is the one who made the crazy idea deal with Tony Fernandes when their F1 teams both being among the new teams in the Formula 1 2010 season. He imagines that Tony Fernandes would lost the bet and would be very interesting to see the AirAsia's founder serve as stewardess on his Virgin Airlines. But the result goes the other way.. lol.. let see ↓

Anyway those rich man are great people, good entrepreneurs, have great ideas, creative, sporting & funny as well.. waiting for revenge by Sir Richard Branson on Tan Sri Tony Fernandes..

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