If We Can't Fight Them, We Follow Them..!! #DamnItsTrue.. Ok this is totally not an advertorial post.. But #WTF with this product.. I found some time few months back in a small shop around some where here..

Look at these two 'looks alike' tooth paste. First time I see it I just smile and.. damn #LOL. I'm trying to figure out 'What the *fact* is this copy cat brand trying to do..?' They wanna confused consumer to buy that blue brand named DERLA..!! I believes that DARLIE is a well known brand and that DERLA is never heard & never seen before.. Do you..?

Hey this is NOT Photoshop-ed or edited just to mentioned (I have the original pic). This is a real copy cat product and it was selling next to the original brand, side by side..

Ok lets take a closer look what's wrong with it:
  • The brand name is 'looks a like' in spelling & design style. Which is wrong in branding copyrights.
  • The famous 'black & white man' logo is similar with background oval white.. they just removes the 'shining white effect' at the hat and hey, they gives a 'thumbs up'.. lol
  • The bottom teeth graphic is also looks similar..
  • What else.. the overall packaging design confusing buyers of course..
The inside product I'm not really sure, but I guess it looks like the box, don't you think so..? Well I just snap the photo, not buying either one.. but yes it confused me once
Ok probably the DERLA is supposed to be compared with the ori DARLIE Whitening tooth paste, the same blue & silver package and not this green & yellow pack.. but the original Darlie Whitening tooth paste, blue & silver (if I'm not mistaken) was not available at that time.. so I compared with that. Either the shop owner aware of this - to sell the normal Double Action DARLI together with the 'fake whitening' DERLA to make buyers confuse, OR just coincidently they don't have the ori Whitening blue & silve pack DARLIE.. well I'm not sure.. and I forgot where is this manufacturer came from.. for your info, this image was taken some time in May 2011. So I wish I can see it again if I go to that place (if I were lucky)..

p/s: look again at the photo the black & white man (logo) with his smile & added thumbs up #lol

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