Do’s & Don’ts to Improve Site Ranking

These are most recommended Do & do-Not methods in improving Site Ranking, we mean Google Page Rank in here. Or simply what they said, Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO. Probably some may sound familiar for us but some may have good points to pay attention. It's not just about keywords, text links - outbound & inbound links, copy / paste - quality contents, etc.. it's about the way we take actions and the response by the this big G.

These are summary of the points.. though it's dated 2009 but still the core basic and relevant..

Recommended Steps to Improve Google Ranking
  1. Use keywords in HTML title tags.
  2. Create quality anchor text for inbound links.
  3. Increase link popularity.
  4. Hang in there.
  5. Increase the popularity of internal links.
  6. Build deep links.
  7. Connect with sites selling to the same demographic.
  8. Keep old links.
  9. Use keywords in body text.
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