The Art of Blogging

'Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single click.. step' (confucius)

it is true.. indeed.. Microsoft is very proud of their Windows which is not just a name previously, but successfully become 'Doors' to the world of information. Since 90's the era of internet, we people of the globe connect using email, we communicate using chat in realtime, then live video chatting came after that (i've never use video chat anyway), in 2000's the trends of forum, we join a forum with more features - to sharing info, learn from tutorials, sharing,files, request, etc.

Not forgetting the file sharing trends make us appreciates the internet technology.. Yeah downloading mp3s until 3.2gig hardisk been almost full (that time 3.2gig hardisk are common capacity). The lagendary napster that makes the music industry gonna crazy.. Later, blogging trends became more popular since website building & free hosting are familiar services.

I think the good thing bout blog and internet users around the globe prefer to blog just becoz its kind of personal, users can do for whatever reason to write, to share, to expose artworks, projects, tuts, anythings. Blogging system really makes website building easier, user friendly, anyone can build personal site with just a few clicks, drags & drops and visual it online in realtime.. no html, xml, php, bla bla bla coding knowledge needed.

Now the number of bloggers increased over the years..
Pro - variety of contents shared, some really have very good info / resources and some have funny things, some kinds of amazing cool stuffs we might found.. and the best things are, blog connects mind to mind without face to face.. generates higher level of thinking in some situations perhaps, creativity as well..
Con - too much info to cover.. some are weird, some more other are too heavy to be understood.. but mostly are just common (such as this 1 maybe ;) so how to choose the good one for specific reason..?

There come the bookmark functions websites such as delicious and many more I cannot remember.. then the internet evolved to socialize trends my space, friendster, twitter, stumble upon, facebook, G+, pinterest, bla bla bla..

Conclusion - The Art of Blogging, it can be anything, (should be a good one) that come up in our mind.. so load them here.. Content is the King.. share it.. and welcome to the world of bloggers..

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