Protect Your Android Device Tips

Security for Android mostly coming from unauthorised user stealing your informations rather than malware or viruses. It's always being good attitude to keep our android devices in secure condition anytime before it was too late. Here we share some of 'must have apps' for android.

Lock Pattern

Instead of standard slide unlock (from switch on or sleep), use Pattern to lock your screen device. Go to Settings >Security > Screen lock > (choose) Pattern.
Ok you may asked How To Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock? There're many solutions you can find on the net, just search, or try these steps:
  • Keep Drawing the pattern number of times
  • Then at one time it will recognize that you forgot your pattern
  • Then it will ask for your Email ID and password (your email as you use registering the android device)
  • Type it, then you can log in
Or you can try paid version of Screen Lock Bypass - read the description.

Secure Google Play Purchases

I believe most of us have bought some or at least an app from Google Play store. Where we found some good apps (or games perhaps) that there are no free version but paid. So always make sure to set online purchasing secure. In this case Google Play - Enable Password to avoid unauthorised users take advantage from your device.

Go to the menu > Settings > (under) User Controls > Password - tick to enable Use password to restrict purchases” to make sure the user is prompted for Password before completing a transaction from the store.

Encrypt Your Data

Protect your privacy with Data Encryption.. and data protection has been trending topics talked every where since the havoc of #PRISM by NSA. No worry, there are some good and free Encryption Tools apps that hide your info from being spied. Just read the descriptions on what it does and remember to read the user's comments too.

Install Security Apps

Find good apps to protect from Malware, Virus, Malicious apps and detect potential Phishing Websites. The good thing about security apps available on the market not just scan for viruses, but it lets you:
  • remotely lock your device,
  • remotely track / locate your device via GPS, in case you lost it,
  • remotely erase all the data from the device,
  • preventing annoying contact from calling or texting you

There're a lot of free versions, perhaps you have some to recommend in here..

Back Up Your Data & Contacts

Last but not least.. connect your device to your pc and backup your contacts and data. Do the same with your Cloud Storage, so that if anything happened to your device, you still have the backup on the fly..

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  1. Using Kaspersky security for a few years now, I'd recommend this solution to all you.


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